Best Motorcycle Riding Jacket- Buyer’s Guide-Review

Still riding jacket is considered as neglected accessory of riding gear category in the country.I see many tourer biker doing their road trip without wearing riding jacket.In the country,some riders still prefer leather jackets over armoured riding jacket as it looks cool to them.On my latest trip to Pune-Leh-Pune Road Trip,i saw many riders in Ladakh riding with leather jackets rather than armoured riding jacket.Nowadays riding gear manufactures made jackets which are more safer and looks stylish as well.Here in this post i am going to highlight some best riding jackets in mid range price category and made you understand certain aspects which you need to consider while buying your riding jacket.Don’t go after cheaper jackets,no point in investing money in something which won’t provide you desired functionality,specially when its a matter of your safety.

1)  DSG NERO :- Very common among riders across the country.Reason behind its popularity is its CE approved impact protector in back as well.All other jackets in this range provide CE approved armours at elbow and shoulder only and back protection is with mere foam material.

DSG Nero FrontDSG nero back


1)  Water resistant removable lining

2)Warm lining (removable)

3)CE approved Impact Protectors (shoulder,back and elbow), its CE approved back protector differentiate it from jackets in this range.Other jackets which have CE approved back support in this range is of inferior quality.Don’t get into trap of CE approved protectors tag.CE Marking on a product is nothing but a manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.Many other jackets have the same tag but with armours of inferior quality

Armours in riding jacket is the most important factor to look for before buying a riding jacket.And i bet you can’t get better quality armour in this range.

Well one more thing i would like to add here, in all the jackets which i am going to discuss here have replaceable armours i.e. you can replace jacket armours with the better quality armours available in market independently.

4) Cordura fabric is used in DSG Nero.Cordura fabric is very good for wind and water resistant.Rider wearing jacket with good wind resistant can have less fatigue in its long road trips,even if bike don’t have proper windshield.Cordura jacket will act better in case of road rash than mesh material jacket.Cordura fabric is a better abrasion resistant than mesh material used in DSG Evo, which i going to showcase below.

5) Frezzing resistant upto -25 degree centigrade.I used the same jacket in my Leh Ladakh Road Trip. With its inner warm lining, i found it sufficient warmer even in ladakh region.


1)Reflective material are not upto the mark.Not glowing properly in dark.See below two images showing light reflection of DSG Nero v/s DSG Evo.

Guj-Raj border Ladakh tripLadakh trip rajasthan

DSG Nero                                                            DSG Evo

2) Out of four external pockets only two are waterproof.Upper two pockets are non waterproof.In our Ladakh trip, we were not aware of this fact.My mobile stops working which was  upper pocket after rain.

3)Its CE approved armours are good, but there placement and fitting is not proper.Its armours are not intact to its natural position.After every hour, i have to make adjustment in armour belt to get it in place.

Well i won’t categorize this in its cons.DSG Nero has Less air flow ventilation as compared to mesh DSG Evo jacket.Basic reason behind this is that DSG Nero use Corduro material.Whereas mesh material has perforation in its fabric,so more air ventilation.But mesh material has less abrasion resistance.So its a priority factor that whether you want more air ventilation or more abrasion and wind resistance.If you live or going to ride in warmer and humid place, then you should go with the mesh fabric jacket.

Currently DSG Nero is priced at 6500 INR on website.

2) DSG Evo :- Another Second most common jacket among riders across the country.Its mesh material makes it more versatile for warm and humid climate in most part of the country whereas it also has cordura material at impact areas(shoulder,elbow and back). So DSG Evo use both material and fulfill both requirement of tear resistance and more air ventilation.It even looks more stylish than DSG Nero.

DSG evo frontDSG evo back


1)Reflective piping for night time visibility woks pretty fine.In my Ladakh trip i can easily see my partner.riding even 500 meters ahead of me.

2)Its all pockets are water proof unlike DSG Nero

3)Removable thermal and rain liner.

4)Its pretty comfortable even when you are off from your bike.Hand movements is easy in this jacket.


1) Armours at shoulder and elbow are of inferior quality than DSG Nero. No CE rated armour at back.Its just a foam pad at your back.Hence in case of accident your back have almost no support to consume impact.

2)Its sleeve and forearm adjuster is not proper. Instead of belt adjuster like in DSG Nero,it has elastic strip for adjuster.If you have thin bicep and forearm, then you might feel jacket a little lose at forearm.

Well although its armours are of inferior quality,still its one of my favourite jacket because of its perfect ventilation and comfort fitting.Anyway you can always replace its armours from a better quality armours available in the market.

Currently its available with 10% discount at 4999 INR on Planet DSG site.

3)Cramster Breezer 4S :- 4S means it is designed for all the seasons.It also has mesh and cordura like DSG Evo. Mesh for more air ventilation  and cordura at impact areas.It has one distinguish factor, it got wide reflective piping unlike DSG Nero and Evo. In Nero and Evo, reflective piping is pretty thin. Hence in Cramster breezer 4S, you got better reflective piping for night ride visibility.

cramster breezer 4s frontcramster breezer 4s back


1)Better reflection for night visibility.

2)Both Meah and cordura material used, same as DSG Evo.

3) Both thermal and rain lining are removable (same as DSG Nero and Evo).

4)More comfortable than DSG Nero when you are off the bike.


1)Its a short length jacket, if you are buying riding pants of different brand then maybe pairing jacket with pants can create problem.

2)Its armours are also of inferior quality than DSG Nero.In this range, you can’t get better quality armours than DSG Nero.

3)Its sleeve and forearm adjuster has same problem as DSG Evo.

Currently this jacket is available in 6450 INR at Cramster website.

Got confused ! which one to buy. Well every jacket has its pros and cons in this price range.If you want a perfect jacket in every aspect,then you have to raise your budget to 12000 INR atleast.

But you can make your jacket perfect in every aspect by customizing it.If you want mesh for air ventilation and good quality armours both. Then you can cutomize your DSG Evo or Cramster jacket by placing better quality armours inside.

In my opinion, go and try DSG Nero first.If you feel comfortable in it, then this is best jacket for you because it already has good armours. Else go and try DSG Evo or Cramster breezer and replace its foam back protector with good quality CE approved armour available in the market.

My personal advice, don’t go for cheaper jackets below 4000 INR range.These jackets neither provide you comfort nor safety even in case of minor accidents.One perfect example of this is Spartan SPG Atlas.Most of the amateur riders bought it because of its less price and then regret afterwards that its not even worth for a single penny.

Do buy a riding jacket for you specially in long road trips. Ride Safe, so that you can ride again.


Ride Safe


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