NightOut At Tiger Point Lonavala

If you are living in Mumbai or Pune, Lonavala might be your first weekend gateway.In daytime Lonavala gets crowded only in Monsoon, while at night Tiger point is the charm for party lovers, it is also called as Lions point. At night, especially on weekends, all the outdoor party lovers gets accumulated at Tiger Point for their Nightout Party.Not only young,IT crowd came here but some people came with their family and kids to enjoy nature at its best with some party music, barbeque and onion pakode.You can get tea,pakode of different varieties, maggi, Hukkah, barbeque etc provided by local people at Tiger point.Just Sit and Relax, enjoy the whole electric atmosphere around you.What else one need in chilling wind nightout at a height of 2047 feet.

Lonavala Nightout Tiger point Lions point Lonavala tiger Point nightout

I went there in every three or four months on my bike.This place will never let you feel disappointed.Tiger Point Nightout has everything that you would expect from weekend Nightout.Distance from Lonavala city to Tiger Point is around 7 kms.As you are climbing a hill, path to tiger point is totally curvy. Riding on curvy paths at night in complete dark has its own thrill and adventure.At some curves, you have to take complete U turn.If you are riding in Monsoon or in winter season, you might came across cloudy fog while riding towards Tiger Point.Visibility after 15 to 20 meters becomes zero.Complete darkness plus fog can make your ride more difficult. Its you and your vehicle light, that’s all you can see around.Riding at Night can be considered safe here in terms of Robbery and all because of airforce and navy base camps are situated near Tiger Point,but not in terms of road accidents.While riding to Tiger hill, you will find some restaurants open at night also for those foodie people who are more hungry at night.

Lonavala lions point tiger point roadtrip nightout

Lonavala Roadtrip bike

Lonavala Nightout

Young crowd from Mumbai and pune came at Tiger Point in their cars. Opens their car’s trunk door, where speakers are placed and starts music in full volume.Every body enjoy with their group, some people dance and some prefer to just enjoy their tea and bonfire in chilling wind.If you are going to come on your bike like me and roaming around at Tiger Point then you will going to hear only boom boom sound because every car owner plays his own song.You can just sit,relax and laugh by watching people doing some funny dance moves or even you can join them,you have different car options. Sometimes, local people arrange high base music system with DJ lights,whole atmosphere was nothing less than a Disco club.Even if you are with girls or family, nobody will going to disturb or interrupt you there.This outdoor Nightout party is running peacefully with the help of local people and police and hence creates an opportunity to earn some money for local people.

Lonavala Tiger Point Nightout Roadtrip bike lions point

        Tiger points was a mess at morning after yesterday’s nightout

Sometimes police checks each and every vehicle thoroughly at check post entry towards tiger point,  even bikers.Hence do carry your vehicle papers and driving license with you.Carrying liquor in your vehicle is not permissible here.On being caught, you might have to pay some penalty.You can carry Hukkah or other eatable stuffs with you.

Crowd starts coming here from 11 P.M. and lasts till sunrise.You should see sunrise from here, its a charm.So for that, my advice is, you should come here late night by around 3 P.M., so that you will be energized till sunrise.See the sunrise, take some pics and starts your ride back to home.

Lonavala roadtrip bike tiger point

Lonavala tiger point


  1. Don’t bring liquor to Tiger Point, sometimes police can check your vehicle and upon finding liquor in it, you might have to pay some penalty.
  2. Its good to bring some eatables in your bag, like chips and all, as things are little costly here at night.Sitting in bonfire, every time you need to either drink or eat something.I feel more hungrier at night.If you have Hukkah at home, bring it here, it is very costly here at night and you can bring it to Tiger Point, no issue from police side.
  3. Do not indulge in any fight, sometimes people gets drunk here.If you are enjoying and not messing around with anyone, nobody will going to disturb you, not even to girls or family.

For any queries, please mention the same in comments below. Will get back to you shortly.



16 thoughts on “NightOut At Tiger Point Lonavala

    1. Anonymous

      It’s all safe for girls as well but I think Police has restrict to visit Lion’s Point between 12-4 AM. so plan accordingly.


  1. Paras Botadra

    I have been to this place a couple of times with friends for the night out and the given information in this article is absolutely correct. Recently I went here last weekend itself i.e 11th Aug 2018 and the environment over there was freaking awesome. We enjoyed the DJ, chill weather and drizzling. The crowd was great, everyone was enjoying in their own and the music continued till morning.


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