Roadtrip to Tamhini Ghat via Mulshi dam

There are plenty of weekend gateways from Pune not only in monsoon but for all four seasons, Tamhini ghat is one such place where waterfalls becomes more intense in monsoon. Its lush green nature that you can see all around at Tamhini Ghat.I had visited Tamhini ghat in monsoon and in summers as well. A ride through curvy edges at Tamhini ghat is enjoyable in summers as well and one gets some relieve from summers heat for sure.

Tamhini Ghat is around 80 kms from wakad, Pune.It is a mountain pass situated in Sahyadri mountain ranges connecting Mulshi to kolad.Before reaching Tamhini ghat, you will came across Mulshi dam.Here roads are steep and having some potholes but one will not complain about this as nature has a lot to offer here.Whole route is quite scenic with lush green mountains all around.On comparing with other weekend gateways from pune in monsoon, Tamhini ghat is still underrated destination.There is everything that makes it a perfect weekend gateway in monsoon like waterfall,lake,trekking,camping at lake side etc.

Route to Tamhini ghats from Pune:

Chadani Chowk –> Pirangut –> Paud village –>Mulshi village –>Tamhini village –>Tamhini Ghat

pune to tamhini ghat via mulshi dam route map

Mulshi Dam

Mulshi dam is situated on the banks of Mula river.Mulshi is around 60 km from pune.Mulshi lake offers unique view at every point,you can trek down to the lake or decide to chill on the numerous resorts circling the lake.

Things To Do At Mulshi Lake

  • Lake is surrounded by misty green hills, with clear blue sky.Just sit around lake and enjoy the calmness around you.

mulshi dam from pune mulshi lake

  • You can take bath in lake, but keep check the depth at shore.Sometimes there is a sudden change in depth in the absence of rocks which surrounds lake.
  • Malhar Machi is the famous and luxurious resort here situated near the banks of Mulshi lake.If are looking to spend some time on weekend out of city chaos, then Malhar Machi resort could be the perfect choice.

Malhar Machi Mulshi dam tamhini ghattamhini ghat from pune roadtrip on bike

  • Camping at night near lake is also a good option.Its pretty soothing to spend night in chilling wind with barbeque on fire in the open sky with your friends or family.
  • There is a temple around Mulhi lake situated at a hill.Can be easily accessable with ladders made by carving out the hill.
  • Its great to have tea, onion pakoda and corn in rain.You will find tea stalls and karts at every 200 meters.



Tamhini Ghat

Around 10 kms from Mulshi lake, there is a strech of 15 kms ghats which was made after carving out the mountains known as Tamhini Ghat.You will love to ride on these ghats as roads are curvy.Waterfalls are the main attraction here.There were around 15 small, medium waterfalls en route.

Things To Do At Tamhini Ghats

  • Enjoy the cool breeze from waterfalls en route.

waterfalls at tamhini ghat via mulshi dam from punewaterfalls at tamhini ghat on roadside from pune

  • Take bath at waterfall coming enroute, you will find more than 10 waterfalls but there are two big waterfalls en route and you will find lot of people already covering the space out there. So don’t try to get inside in already crowded waterfall as rocks beneath the fall are pretty slippery.Avoid crowded falls, take a bath at less crowded waterfall.

Waterfalls at_mulshi_dam_on_tamhini_ghat_road

  • Bike Riders loves to ride on these curvy roads, cuts a corner on these edgy roads.
  • There are two waterfalls en route which are situated on mountain hills and hence you have to do some trekking to reach there.

tamhini ghat mulshi dam from pune waterfallsDo carry extra pair of cloths along with you, as you will need them after taking a shower in waterfall.

It is a perfect destination in monsoon and winter season for weekend gateway from pune and Mumbai.

tamhini ghat from pune roadtrip on bike

pune to mulshi dam to tamhini ghat roadtrip on bike

mulshi dam to tamhini ghat pune

I did many roadtrips on my bike in which Pune to ladakh journey of 6506 kms on my bike was epic.

Thanks for reading ! Wishing you a Happy Traveling.

For any queries, post your question below in comment box.


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