Top Beach destinations for New Year celebration

Clubs and restaurants didn’t remain attractive for New Year parties now. We all know how crowded,boring and costly these clubs parties at New year night. All we want is to start our new year with positive energy and refreshing mood.None can better than the short New year holiday and  beach destination for new year celebration is the best among them.No need to mention but I know, Goa already strikes to your mind after reading beach destination for new year celebration.As we all know, Goa will get more crowded and costly than your city clubs in new year week and thanks to Sunburn music fest to make Goa another fish market in new year week.Trust me Goa becomes overrated destination for new year.By the end of this post you will get to know some top beach destinations for new year celebration in your state,where you can do beach parties,camping at beach side and get refreshed for upcoming new year.

Best Destinations For New Year


1)Gokarna – Karnataka

Best beach destinations for new year_gokarna

This place known for its dual paradise.Couple of famous Shiva temples situated here, Gokarna is home to lord Mahabaleshwara. Gokarna is getting popular year by year for its perfect destination for new year eve.If you wants to celebrate new year with your close friends or loved ones without much interference,this is the perfect new year destination.Or if you want to do some beach party and camping near beach side then also this place won’t let u down.


2) Kashid Beach- Maharastra


best beach destinations for new year_Kashid-Beach

I must say this is the one of the best beaches in Maharastra.Kashid Beach is also one of the  popular destination in Maharastra for its New year Beach camping parties.Kashid beach is near from Mumbai and pune and hence becomes the favourite destination for new year celebration. So get yourself booked beforehand for hotels or beach camping.You might also like my travelogue on roadtrip to kashid beach


3) Tarkarli – Maharastra


best beach destination for new yeartarkarli-beach

Situated around 520 kms from Mumbai. Here water is pretty clear hence perfect destination for scuba diving.Its good to start your new year by knowing the new horizons, underwater world.Get yourself feel can also visit Nivati beach near Tarkarli which is the ideal place for spotting dolphins.Camping at beach option is also available here.


4) Malpe Beach(Karnatka)


best beach destination for new year malpe beach

The beach is around 50 kms away form the city of Mangalore. Water is clean here, enjoy with your friends and loved ones there.There are couple of beach resorts who organizes new year bash at affordable prices.There you can find some water house boats like in Kerala(alleppey). Near Malpe beach, one can visit St Mary’s Island which is easily accessible through boat.

best beach destinations for new year st marys island

5) Varkala Beach – TamilNadu

best beach destination for new year varkala beach

At Varkala, you don’t need to search for parties that host New Year bashes because you can celebrate your new year with thousands of people partying on the beach at your own style.Its good to take a light sleeping bag along with you there.However, if that doesn’t suit you, don’t worry, as you can book rooms in various resorts available and enjoy your New Year bash.You can also enjoy a whole bunch of delicious food options at the clifftop cafes.Stop thinking and travel to Varkala to escape your boring city life.

6) Pondicherry – TamilNadu

best beach destinations for new year pondicherry

As it was invaded by the French in 17th century, city still has a ‘French feel’ to it even today. Not only are the beaches perfect, but the entire city is also clean and beautiful. If you see hippies lazing around in the beach or having fun, you have arrived at Pondicherry.There are numerous beach resorts organizing new year festival bash, Ashok beach resort at Ashok beach is quite popular, stupendous stage up, rocking surround sound system and amazing crowd including foreign citizens.As it is a union territory, you can find liquor at very cheap rates.Pondicherry is just 160 kms from chennai and a perfect beach destination for New Year celebration.

7) Kovalam Beach – Kerela

best beach destinations for new year kovalam beach

Kovalam is the internationally famous beach destination. Its a cluster of three crescent beaches lying adjacently.Several travellers reach here to celebrate New Year.Its a recommended option for people who are looking forward for partying in the conservative land of Kerala. Here you can just relax, dancing to the wee hours of night or having endless sessions of booze with your friends,enjoying your favorite drink and music in this public DJ party. The bars and restaurants lined along the beach, apart from providing drinks and appetisers, are also a great place for people watching.Though hotels and resorts also organizes various parties for their guests.You can place your own small camp at beach side and enjoy your new year eve in serenity.Kovalam is situated just 16 kms from Trivandrum, perfect beach destination for new year celebration.


8) Alleppey – Kerala


This place signifies the uniqueness of Kerela. One can enjoy their new year eve either on silent and beautiful alleppey beach or in multi cuisine houseboats.


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