New Year Is On The Way, Live It In Style !

Gone are the days when New Year celebration was all about having dinner at some fine restaurant with your friends and family or having booze with nightout party.New Year Eve is another excuse for party lovers where they can dance all night and have fun with with their close friends and family.As the New Year approaches,you may be wondering how to say goodbye to this year and bring in the next one. Whether you choose to celebrate amid thousands of others or with your close friends and family, celebrating the New Year will leave you with memories that will last for many years to come.

If you are a party animal like me then you might already covered most of the clubs in your town and wondering about new places to make your new year special. I found couple of exciting clubs in Pune on LiveInStyle who are organizing grand New Year Party 2016 to make your New Year Eve memorable.You can choose from many options available there which matches your party style.There is no point in going to some random place which doesn’t match your expectation.You can also win free passes there on participation.LiveInStyle also features some great suggestions if you are planning to do house party or bollywood themed party on this New Year.

New year Parties and Sunburn_goa


From 2008,country experiences a whole new level of partying on New year.Sunburn goa is sponsored by Smirnoff in percept partnered with Nikhil Chinapa.If there’s one place where time stands still, where music is the only religion and where you can let go of all your inhibitions and be whoever you want to be, its Sunburn Goa. India’s grandest beach party is just few weeks away.If you have never been there,I must say its a life time experience that one can have. Its Asia’s biggest dance and music festival that keeps Goan beaches rocking all night.

If you have already booked your tickets to Sunburn or planning to go, there are certain things which you need to take care to get your best musical party experience on this New Year.As this is the peak rush time in Goa, you need to know couple of things beforehand.From your stay in Goa to food options, best hangout places and lots more about Sunburn Goa in LiveInStyle.Yes, Sunburn is the mother of all music festivals and you need to know whats new in there for you this year.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is intended for audience above legal drinking age as specified by their state/country of residence.


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