Inpires you to take road trips across the country as one can experience more while on the road. All those magical moments I have shared in this blog. But why bike ? Sitting inside your air conditioned car won’t give you proper connection with outside climate, hence my main motive of doing road trip is not going to fulfill. Cars are like cages and bikes are liberating me from these cages. You are outside and feel like you are in the environment more. Drenched in rain while riding your bike has its own fun. Appreciating the spirit of like minded bikers on road by Waving hands or giving thumbs up, only a biker can understand this. People on road side, either small cart owner or other traveler become more friendly with you when you are on bike rather than car. People usually connect easily with someone who in their opinion is too poor to buy a car even if your bike costs more than a sedan car.